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Kathleen Buchanan, M.Ed, CAGS

Program Director

Dear Summit Family,

Welcome to Summit Academy School! As the Program Director at Summit Academy, I am proud to introduce myself to our wonderful community of students, parents, faculty, and staff. I am not new to Summit Academy!  I have worked closely with the staff at Summit for the last eight years, as the Special Education Director for one of our local communities.

I grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York. My first training as a special educator came as a child, and my teacher was my Grandmother. My Mother’s sister, my Aunt Kay, was born with significant disability. She was not diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder until she was in her fifties. My Grandmother kept her home and taught her how to care for herself and how to do basic daily living skills. Aunt Kay learned how to sign her name, and she learned how to knit. She traveled to California and to Disney World. She lived a full and happy life surrounded by her family. Because of her, there are now three special educators in the world, me, my daughter, and my niece.

I was a special education teacher for 17 years in the public school systems of New York City, Central York, Pennsylvania, Bangor, ME and Worcester, MA. I developed a private school for students with social emotional disabilities in Bangor, ME in the early 1990’s which now services students on the Autism Spectrum. I was the Education Director for Cottage Hill Academy, a residential program owned by You, Inc. I went back to school and got my certificate in Educational Administration and became a Special Education Director and school administrator.

I am now retired from public service, and I am thrilled to be Summit Academy’s Program Director. I hope to bring my knowledge and experience to help Summit continue to grow and to thrive.  I am enjoying getting to know everyone at Summit and look forward to an exciting future!


Kathleen Buchanan, M.Ed, CAGS

Program Director

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