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When students, parents, and staff come to Summit Academy, they find more than a school, more than a workplace. Summit becomes a home away from home.  It feels like a second family to many, and students often find that the quality and quantity of social relationships developed at Summit far exceeds their experience in public school.  Many feel released to take academic risks because they are in a safe, accepting environment that supports their uniqueness!

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Summit Academy is a highly collaborative setting where teams of teachers, therapists, and administrators meet weekly to discuss every student. All departments work together to make sure that service delivery is integrated and seamless.  Parents truly are partners in the IEP process, and often comment that Summit has been flexible and creative in their planning and problem solving

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Many families choose Summit Academy because of its small size and caring school culture.  Intimate, self-contained classrooms, small group instruction, and warm, inviting spaces are the ideal setting for kids who are easily overwhelmed by large, traditional school settings.

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We know that it's critically important that everyone is on the same page.  Many of our kids fall apart in their traditional schools, where service delivery may be disjointed or inconsistent.  When everyone shares the same philosophy, expectations, and vocabulary, the resulting experience is powerful and robust. Follow-through is dependable. ​Students know that what's expected with one teacher will be expected with the next. Similarly, they are assured that the coping skill that was accessible in the morning will also be available in the afternoon.  Parents receive daily communication about student progress, and trust that we do what we say we do.   

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We believe in the development of the whole person.  That means we value balance in all aspects of our program.  We hold our students to high expectations for academic growth and full participation, but don't burden families with mandatory homework at night.  We carve intentional time out of every school day to focus on social skills and self regulation.  We provide outlets for physical and creative growth through martial arts and arts programs.  We prepare our students for life beyond Summit by encouraging independence and starting transition conversations early. We support the work-life balance of our staff and parents by honoring the needs of our families and communities.

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