• Summit Academy is committed to a therapeutic school model focused on small class size, differentiated small group instruction, multi-modal learning experiences, and therapeutic support.

  • Each multi-age classroom of 12 students is staffed by two certified teachers and an instructional aide. High quality academics are based on the Common Core and Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, and are assessed throughout the year using the nationally normed NWEA MAP Test.

  • Social skills training takes place daily in the classroom setting, and is embedded in the school culture throughout the day. On-site behavior specialists, speech-language pathologists, and mental health counselors provide social and emotional support. Click to learn more about the Zones of Regulation.

  • Our transition counselor works with students ages 14 and up on job readiness and post-secondary goals.

  • Therapeutic martial arts address coordination, memory, self-regulation, and cross-body movement to create and strengthen connections in the brain.

  • Art classes are held weekly!  Summit is proud to have a MA certified art teacher on staff.  

  • Our 198 day school year begins in August, and runs through the end of June, following the public school calendar. Summer Enrichment programs are offered during the month of July.

  • Our small, nurturing environment has proven to be the ideal setting for our students to reach their full potential and to achieve their goals.

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The Summit Art Program focuses on gaining a basic knowledge of art history, and more importantly, becoming proficient in techniques in a variety of media.  Focus is on individual growth, building from successes to allow students to develop their own personal style, and increasing positive outlook and self-esteem.

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Martial Arts

The Summit Academy Therapeutic Martial Arts program is designed to provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment to help every child succeed regardless of their sensory or developmental abilities; by Introducing Martial Arts fundamentals and core values that can promote social, emotional, mental, and physical growth of the students.

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STEM Program

Coming Soon to Summit Academy – new STEM programs for the Media Lab

Summit will soon have in place two exciting new technologies to engage our students.

One technology will be two new 3D printing labs, with new computers and 3D printers.  This will expose the students to numerous engineering programs and ideas and CAD designs. Students will be able to see their designs come to life in the form of a 3D printed object!