Summit Academy is proud to place warmth, belonging, and collaboration among our core values.  To that end, we make every effort to remain in close touch with parents regarding your child's well being and overall progress at Summit.  Here's what you can expect, and some tips to help you get the most out of your experience:
DAILY:  Communication Log
The daily communication log is used school wide, and is intended to give parents a daily "snap shot" of your child's school day.  Teachers are careful to note exceptionally challenging or exceptionally positive things on the sheet when needed. Please rely on the communication log as your primary point of contact with the school. Pertinent information should be relayed to the classroom teachers via the log, as these are checked daily and are closely monitored by the staff spending the most time with your child.  This is also the best way to request a phone call from teachers, or to request follow up from ancillary service providers. As a rule of thumb, if it doesn't fit on the communication log, it's probably worth a phone call request.  Teachers generally make calls at the end of the school day.
(We also post photos and updates frequently on the Summit Facebook page & our Instagram page)
For time sensitive communication:
If your child is going to be absent, please call the school office at 508-751-8500, and speak to or leave a message for Pat Schutt, our secretary.  This is the BEST way to be sure that the message gets where it needs to go.  Similarly, if you must relay time sensitive information that you were unable to include in the log, a phone call to Pat is the BEST way to get this info efficiently and quickly to the appropriate staff person. You are welcome to email Pat and/or administrators, but please be advised that we may not see this info first thing in the morning.  Pat's email is: 
E-NEWSLETTER: Every two months an informative e-newsletter is sent to all parents with current news about programs and events happening at the school. 

QUARTERLY:  Progress Reports, Report Cards, Conferences
On a quarterly basis, you can expect to receive more in depth information regarding your child's IEP goal progress and academic performance. In addition to the written reports in the form of progress reports and report cards, you will have a quarterly opportunity to meet in person with your child's teachers, ask questions, and speak directly to any ongoing concerns.  This is the format and timeline for the majority of behavioral feedback.  MOST STUDENTS at Summit follow a generalized classroom behavior plan, which includes positive reinforcement for following expectations laid out by the classroom teachers.  In some cases, targeted behavior goals are associated with additional data collection or analysis, per signed behavior plans and/or IEP goals.  You will hear these updates quarterly, unless something notable comes up.  
NWEA MAP testing is a nationally normed, standardized test that our students take on the computer three times per year- fall, winter and spring.  Students are tested in math, language and reading.  Scores are graphed over time, and give an additional measure to compare with other grade level assessments such as MCAS.  Students will be taking their first round of NWEA tests in the next 2 weeks.  
Your annual TEAM meeting is your opportunity to meet with a larger group of service providers, along with your sending school district.  

We are happy to hear from parents with questions, suggestions or concerns.  As much as possible, please try to go through the teachers for all communication about your child, including requests for information from ancillary service providers. When in doubt, call the office and Pat will direct you to the appropriate staff member.  As a general rule, the following applies:
Questions about IEP development, service delivery, educational services, curriculum, teacher supervision, etc.: Paula Donahue, Special Education Director;
Questions about health, medication:  Sue Hope, RN;
Questions about behavior, behavior planning, home behavior questions, ABA: 
Questions about program operation, suspension/disciplinary issues, bullying, school policies and procedures, admissions, PAG, staffing, or when you're just not sure who to ask:  Kathleen Buchanan, Program Director;
When in doubt, please do give us a call!  No need to be at home wondering- we'll make sure you get in touch with the right person to help.  508-751-8500

Consistent with our core values, Summit prioritizes ongoing communication with parents, and recognizes that many topics can be complex and sensitive.  Emails to teachers are a convenient way to relay a message.  Please be aware that direct service staff check their emails during non-instructional hours, until 4pm on school days, and will make every attempt to respond within 24-48 hours.  Any information that is time sensitive (such as attendance, medication, or morning behavior information pertinent to the current school day) should be relayed by phone 508-751-8500.  Depending on the nature of the message, a response may come via phone call or email.