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The Summit Academy Therapeutic Martial Arts program provides a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment to help every child succeed regardless of their sensory or developmental abilities. Introducing Martial Arts fundamentals and core values aid in the promotion of social-emotional, mental and physical growth of our students. 


As our students learn the basics of Tae Kwon Do, they inherently begin to engage in self awareness and motor planning skills that often carry over to their daily life. Additionally, the repetition of movement patterns (poomsae) throughout Tae Kwon Do, create bilateral connections in the brain emphasizing the benefits to children with ASD. The sensory stimulus and motor planning required to perform these set patterns, eventually result in improved visual, motor and speech skills - all of which aid in the development of better balance, coordination, awareness and overall gross-motor abilities.

Similar to these physical benefits, the core values expressed throughout Tae Kwon Do include: courtesy, integrity, self control and perseverance. Our students not only learn the importance of honesty, patience, cooperation, humility and respect, but they further are able to utilize these learned skills to improve their concentration, coordination, academic performance and overall quality of life.

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