The Summit Academy art program focuses on gaining a basic knowledge of art history, and more importantly, becoming proficient in techniques in a variety of media. Class is held twice a week for 45 minutes. Sequential art (comic art), painting, collage, sculpture, animation, and digital art are taught during the classes.


Art can be therapeutic for students, as it gives them a low-risk, high-reward subject to express themselves and explore ideas. After all, there is no wrong way to make art. Focus is on individual growth, building from successes to allow students to develop their own personal style, and increasing positive outlook and self-esteem. Spatial relations, fine motor skills, and hand/eye coordination are improved, as well as bridging the visual and speech centers in the brain. Classroom dynamics and relationships are improved naturally through sharing and positive class critique. 

Students are encouraged to foster ideas and interests in order to create their own visual language, working toward a more independent and fulfilling experience at Summit Academy.

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