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  • How does my child become a student at Summit Academy?
    Admissions are initiated from school districts, parents and educational consultants. A referral packet and/or the students’ records are provided to begin the admissions process. Ages 6 through 22 are considered, with year round open enrollment available.
  • Will my child be able to progress academically at Summit?
    Yes. Summit Academy is subject to the same curriculum standards as public schools in Massachusetts: the MA Curriculum Frameworks and the Common Core. Publicly funded students participate in MCAS assessments with the rest of the state.
  • Is Summit a “behavioral school?”
    Applied Behavior Analysis is an evidence based practice for students with autism. Summit Academy employs universal systems based on ABA in order to positively reinforce desired behaviors, and to shape challenging behaviors by teaching functional alternatives. On-site counselors, behavior specialists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists work closely with classroom teachers to provide our students with a highly consistent, integrated approach to social, emotional and behavioral learning.
  • How will I know how my child is progressing?
    Northwest Evaluation Association MAP assessments are given quarterly. These assessments provide a detailed report that tracks academic growth, compares progress to national norms, and gives teachers insight into targeted goals. In many cases, students who come to Summit with stalled growth rates make rapid progress toward “closing the gap” with their national peers. Quarterly rubric-based report cards, detailed progress reports, and TEAM meetings provide opportunities to inform IEP goals. Communication logs track daily performance and provide a direct link to classroom teachers.
  • How is transportation provided?
    A student referred by the school district will have round trip transportation provided by that district. A private pay student will make their own arrangements. The optimal travel distance is within a 30-mile range, but exceptions can be made.
  • Does Summit Academy follow a special calendar?
    Summit follows a 198 day school calendar. Our school hours are 8:00-2:40 pm. We follow the Worcester Public Schools calendar for vacations and holidays, as well as inclement weather days. In addition to the extended school year, Summit Academy offers a separate summer program in the month of July.
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