Is Summit Academy the Right Fit For You?

The Successful Summit Academy Student

Academic Profile:
A Summit Academy education starts with the innate belief that we are here to meet you where you are along your journey. With both a 6:2 student-to-teacher ratio and 4:1 student-to-staff ratio, your academic learning is highly individualized and tailored to facilitate the specific needs of each student. Our high quality academics are based on the culmination of Common Core and Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, and are assessed throughout the year using the nationally normed NWEA MAP Test. Summit Academy offers tiered levels of instruction in core subject areas including mathematics, science, history and english. Additional enrichment opportunities for our students include access to a fully operational STEM lab, inclusion in therapeutic martial arts, daily art programming and access to service animals and animal focused therapy. 

Cognitive Profile:
Applicants should have average to above-average cognitive ability as measured by the WISC, WAIS, or Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities. Summit Academy is able to work with students who display relative weaknesses in processing speed, executive functioning abilities and working memory. However, we are not able to support a student who displays significant hyperactivity, impulsivity, or difficulty with self-control.

Emotional/Social/Behavioral Profile:
At Summit Academy, we provide a therapeutic, nurturing and structured environment in which staff work with students to implement more effective and sustainable social, emotional and behavioral skills. Summit Academy students are emotionally healthy; once enrolled, students will work closely with our behavioral, clinical and teaching staff to ensure their success as learners and independent individuals.