Rope Course in Summer Camp


Summit Academy offers an exciting Summer Enrichment Program to help students maintain their academic, social-emotional, and behavioral skills during the extended summer break while participating in fun-filled activities. The program is optional for Summit students, and students from outside Summit Academy can be referred for the Summer Enrichment Program only. 

The students participate in hands-on, challenging projects such as designing and building bridges out of various materials such as popsicle sticks. These are typically group projects to foster social skills development. Recreational activities such as hiking and swimming are included one day per week (COVID-19 permitting) to promote physical fitness and health. This summer we are hoping to utilize our new Makerspace equipment and Virtual Reality computers to add to our STEM curriculum!  

The program runs from 7:45-2:45 four days a week for four weeks during the month of July.  More information and details about the Summer Enrichment Program for 2021 will be available on our website in April, 2021. Please come back in April to see what our plan will be.  We encourage everyone to check it out!