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Summit Academy is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all students. Our Health Care Manual is approved by our consulting physician.  It addresses all relevant medical and medication issues as well as treatment concerns of all students. When it is necessary for school personnel to administer any medication whether prescribed or over-the-counter.  Our program maintains written policies and procedures regarding prescription and administration of medication including authorization, packaging and staff training.  Summit Academy also provides regular mandated school screenings including hearing, vision, and BMI.

Health Classes are provided regularly to the entire school as part of our transition program.  Topics that are taught by our nurse include dietary choices for lifelong health, improving personal fitness, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, first aid, assessing health information, managing stress, health care management, pharmacy, sleep, dental and personal hygiene and many others.  


Students’ hands were sprayed with a liquid that fluoresces under a blacklight. After washing their hands, a blacklight showed how well they had washed, highlighting all the spots they had missed.


Mrs. Hope, our school nurse, had students participate in a hand-washing exercise to demonstrate the importance of washing hands properly. 

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