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Admissions Procedures:

Admissions are initiated from school districts, parents and educational consultants. A referral packet and/or the students’ records are provided to begin the process of admissions. Ages 6 through 22 are considered, with year round open enrollment available. After records are reviewed, an intake interview with parents/guardians is scheduled along with the scheduling of the prospective student to spend a two hour visit and sometimes a subsequent full day in the classroom. The Administrative team will review complete file, intake interview and student visits for determination of appropriateness of placement. Summit Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or homelessness.

How does my child become a student at Summit Academy?
There are two initial ways for a student to apply for admission at Summit.  

The most common way is for a public school student to be approved for private placement by his or her home district.  Then, the district will usually approve several placement options for the parent to explore.  Sometimes parents request that Summit Academy be included in those options.  From there, the district sends a referral packet to us and we can begin the screening process with you.  Parents will make an appointment to tour the school and ask questions, followed by a student visit for a half or full day.  Our administrators and clinicians will observe the student and review the referral packet in order to determine whether Summit Academy is a good fit.  A determination is then made, and both district and parent are informed.  From there, the TEAM may immediately pursue placement at Summit (or one of the other approved placements.)  Although Summit Academy becomes the provider of the educational program, we continue to partner with the sending district regarding the student’s IEP and any concerns that may arise.  

Secondly, some parents elect to proceed with a private placement in which they take on fiscal responsibility for tuition and related costs.  The screening process is the same.  
Summit Academy works cooperatively with sending school districts and parents to ensure the best placement for each child.  Although anyone in the community is welcome to tour the school and request information, we do not pursue admission without the consent of the sending district unless the parents have chosen the private pay option.  
To learn more about the admissions process, please call our office:  
(508) 751-8500

District referral packets may be sent electronically to:

or mailed to:

Nikki Koppel, Executive Director

Summit Academy

15 Jamesbury Dr.

Worcester, MA 01609

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