Transition Program

Summit Academy transition program empowers our students for whatever they choose to do next. A helix approach in our daily transition classes focuses on self determination, social skills and independent living skills. Our core ideology teaches responsibility for oneself, being an integral member of the team and community, respect for self and others, understanding and participating with a group, leadership styles and the ability to assume various roles. 


Our Transition Services are designed to help students prepare for a successful transition to post secondary education, careers, work training programs and adult living.  Student-centered instruction on and off campus provides support and instruction for assisting students to determine their strengths, preferences, interests, and learning and sensory styles. Students will gain self determination and life skills to illuminate their future path with passion and confidence.  Each students  designs and maintains their “Transition Portfolio” which tracks their profiles, work-study and volunteer experiences, assessments and surveys, and short and long term goals. 


We collaborate with various local businesses to establish work and community experiences that develop each student’s interests through exploration and generalization of social skills. Our students have work-study experiences at the Worcester Public Library, Worcester Common Ground, Indian River Ranch, and the Leicester Food Pantry.  They visit local grocery stores, plan and cook meals, are responsible for the care and launder of their own Dobak, and participate in group hands-on projects. 

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