Tech Tips

If we go completely online, your homebound student will need (Online students already know this well.):

  • Access to a computer (laptop or desktop) with a camera, microphone, and speaker(s). Most laptops have these functions built in. A Chromebook will work just fine, too.

  • Access to internet service. For most households, this is the wifi shared by the household. If the device to be used is not already logged in to the wifi, have the password handy to do so before continuing

  • To open a browser app; Chrome by Google works well with our needs.

  • If the browser does not open to “” in the address bar, enter “” in the address bar (URL bar) at the top of the screen, and hit “enter.

  • If not already signed in to Google (if signed in, the first initial will show up in a circle at the upper right), look for and select “Sign in” at the upper right corner.

  • In the first resulting window, enter (or select) the username. A student’s username will be the first initial and last name, followed by “.student,” followed by the school “domain name.” For example, Joan Smith would be

  • The next window will ask for a password. This is the PW the student uses for all Google apps on his/her school account. If the student has forgotten, we have a list of many passwords. If it is not on our list, our IT folks can reset it very quickly.

  • Having signed in to Google, s/he will see a matrix of 9 squares near the upper right; this is the Google “waffle” of apps. Clicking on the waffle will display a selection of Google apps.

  • Calendar displays the class events, with online Meet links in each event.

  • Meet displays the list of class events to which s/he is invited

  • Classroom displays the classes in which s/he is enrolled, where s/he can find, complete, and submit assignments and review materials.

  • During a Meet, it is courteous and helpful to mute (click the microphone icon to red) one’s microphone when not actually speaking. It is also courteous to leave your camera turned on while in class, unless taking an approved break.

  • Most of your students are already familiar and adept at these procedures. These notes are reminders and coaching helps.


If all else fails, email your teacher, or click below to email the Summit Academy IT staff:

IT Help


Your IT Staff:       Dave Robert and Dave Buchanan

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