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Meet Summit's Green Team

Lead Michele Connor, Occupational Therapist and her Green Team Crew-Christine Cashman, Donna Catanzaro and Sherry Kellaher

During March and April, our students will be learning about the 3 facets of the Recycle ♻️ Symbol! "Reduce / Reuse and Recycle!" We'll be assessing how much waste is generated now vs how much we can reduce it to by recycling and reusing materials as well as reducing how much we generate by using reusable bottles and cups, repurposing items, etc,! We have been gifted with 14 recycling bins by the MA Green Team Organization, which will be labeled and placed in classrooms, cafeteria, library, etc. Earth Day will be celebrated with a Spring Cleanup and Spruce up of the Summit Academy grounds! The opportunity to listen for and identify birds in the surrounding natural spaces is abundant at this time of year as well!" Learn more at the!

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